Scott and Maria are excited to share this space for sitting, moving and reflecting together with the diverse and growing Seattle community. They look forward to continuing their experiential learning journey — with you.

Founded from the belief and firsthand experience that practicing together in a group setting is powerful, enhancing feelings of connection and wellbeing, the studio offerings, guided meditation and yoga, are designed to shift brainwaves, regenerate cells and optimize physical, mental and emotional health — one breath at a time.


Mind.Body.Hum offers two co-located studios designed to nourish the human spirit and provide you with exceptional architecture to practice in.

The “Silent Hum” meditation studio is especially designed to offer a quiet and meditative experience, in addition to special acoustic treatment to deepen our popular and immersive sound bath classes. A unique meditation space for the city of Seattle. Silent Hum offers meditation classes that integrate breath, sound and restorative postures.

The “Humble Warrior” yoga studio is especially designed to help brighten and align your day. Our Humble Warrior studio offers warm vinyasa yoga with intentional breath, fluid movement, guidance, and alignment.

The studio is located in Seattle’s iconic Maritime building. Over a decade ago this building was completely remodeled and is an Architectural beacon for the emerging Seattle Waterfront re-development. The building is an example of Seattle historic warehouse structures and offers amazing interiors of heavy timber exposed beams and columns.

Mind.Body.Hum // Yoga and Meditation Studio in Seattle, WA